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Title Jotter's Blotter: A Creative Writing Working Book.
Author: Ruth Hanna Sachs.
B00D3C0IIG / N/A / N/A.
Exclamation! Publishers.
44 pages.
Description: In the late 1990s and early 21st century, Ruth Hanna Sachs often wrote how-to articles for the newsletter of the Institute of Children's Literature (West Redding, CT). She also co-taught a writing class in an online forum with AOL.In this book, Sachs combines those 'lessons' into a single handbook for beginning writers. She explains how to get started, with tips for jumpstarting the creative process. Three chapters focus on the use of language as a tool to write more effectively. Sachs argues that writers would be well-served to inject a bit of poetry and meter into prose-writing, instead of thinking solely in terms of plot outlines and character development.She shares her ideas for working past writer's block, and challenges established writers to think outside the box by putting themselves in new situations. Sachs also encourages her readers to consider newer, less standard literary genres.This book is invaluable to writers who treasure the process as much as they do the finished product. Sachs invites her readers to step outside themselves and explore new ways to look at stories, at language, and at life. She believes that when this happens, literature must improve.Anyone can master grammar and syntax. It takes a true artist to master the craft of writing. .

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