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Title Screw-Ups + Lessons Learned = Life
Author: Bella Brown.
B004EEOP4U / N/A / N/A.
143 pages.
Description: Mistakes and screw-ups happen no matter who we are. Given time, we see that each screw-up was only a lesson life intended to teach us. Every lesson learned prepares us for the next level on the ladder of success. Train your mind to practice right-thinking, a method introduced by author Bella Brown that helps pinpoint something positive in every circumstance and identifies the lessons life is trying to teach. The Law of Attraction and the Universal Mind of God work hand-in-hand with our personal thoughts, even though we may be unaware of it. Exploring the Law of Attraction and incorporating biblical teachings into those findings is one way to help define life’s purpose. The mind has the power to minimize screw-ups and create the future we desire. We were all made in God's image and likeness, and that does not stop at physical attributes. We can create as well, combining predominant thought and faith. Screw-Ups + Lessons Learned = Life encourages you to explore the spiritual dimension of our existence and understand and tap into your God-given creative powers. .

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